Prospective Experimenters

If you would like to run an experiment using GrEELab funding/facilities, you need to submit a request to the GrEELab committee. Your application should include a brief description of the experiment and a cost estimate. You will also have to present your proposal in a GrEELab seminar. If you are a (PhD) student, your proposal should be supported by your supervisor.

The GrEELab committee is open to funding proposals on a wide range of topics, as long as the proposed experiment is in line with GrEELab’s aim to have a good reputation as an experimental economics lab. Note that the GrEELab rules on truthful instructions and payment are essential for our reputability. If an experimenter deceived participants then participants would not believe the instructions in other experiments. If payments were hypothetical or unreasonably low then participants would not take the experiment seriously or would not sign up for other experiments. If payments were unreasonably high then participants would form unrealistic expectations. For all these reasons, participants have to receive truthful instructions and an actual, reasonable payment in all GrEELab experiments.

To get the most recent version of the application form, the full set of GrEELab rules, and other related documentation, contact the GrEELab committee via email.